Scammed by stockscm, yorkcg, coinshype, plusoption or brightertrade?

Cybertrace wants to warn against dealing with the following websites as we have good reason to believe they are fraudulent. These scammers are cunning and will manage to extract every last cent possible:

And here are some other websites we believe are also likely scams connected to the same offenders:

Through an initial investigation, we believe the call centre operations are conducted from Bulgaria. However, there is no doubt that the syndicate has offenders in multiple countries around the world.

We will update this publication as we unveil more of the websites connected to this criminal scam syndicate.

If you hold any inside information on the operations of these scammers, please contact us for a confidential discussion at [email protected].

If you have fallen victim to a scam operated by any of the mentioned websites, contact us today to discuss how we can assist you.


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Beware of the scammers! Cybertrace is issuing an urgent alert about another cryptocurrency scam that is duping honest Australians out of thousands of dollars.