Beware of scams!

Cybertrace is issuing an urgent warning against doing business with the following websites as they are likely fraudulent. Please note we have not independently investigated and verified as fraudulent every single website. We believe some of the below websites may be legitimate. However, we believe the majority of these domains are likely linked and our extensive investigations have confirmed that many are definitely scam websites.

Please beware and exercise a high degree of caution! If you have already lost money to these scammers, contact our experienced team of investigators today to see how we can help.

What to do

If you hold any inside information on the operations of these scammers, please contact us for a confidential discussion at [email protected]. We have successfully worked with conscientious insiders when investigating previous scams, thus bringing justice and relief to long-suffering victims. Your help can make a real difference!

If you have fallen victim to a scam operated by any of the mentioned websites, contact us today to discuss how we can assist you.


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