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Do you have inside information about a scam operation? Would you like to help us take action against the operators and bring them to justice? You’ve come to the right place! Although we are an Australian-based cyber fraud investigation company, we investigate cyber fraud all over the world.

Since we are not a government agency and we don’t have mandatory reporting obligations, it is easy for us to guarantee your anonymity and confidentiality. We recognise that not everyone is comfortable reporting inside information to the authorities. Should you wish to report inside information to us, you can do so anonymously. We take confidentiality very seriously to protect individuals who report to us.

Once reported to us, we conduct a private investigation of the documents sent to us and then consider the best course of action to bring the offenders to justice and assist the victims to recover their money (where possible).

You can make a difference! Speak with us or submit a confidential contact form via our Contact Page and we will be in touch. You can remain anonymous if you choose.

Should you wish to contact us or send documents via a secure, encrypted platform, please create a Protonmail email address and email us at [email protected].

You can register for an account at


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