Have you been scammed by Wize Caps?

wizecaps.com - Global Scam Syndicate

Cybertrace recently investigated the scam website wizecaps.com on behalf of a client where substantial leads where identified via both forensic analysis and cyber investigation techniques. These leads identified several individuals / syndicates in eastern Europe and other locations closer to home. In this case, our client lost a large amount of money and was unable to withdraw it. Further investigation of Wize Caps by Cybertrace confirmed it is definitely a scam and consumers should be aware.

The website portrays an online trading platform that provides services, including daily market research reports and expert advisor assistance. This scam is primarily for Forex products where clients are enticed with clever boiler room tactics into investing their hard-earned money by criminals using contact details including:

Phone Number: 41445514179

Email Address: [email protected]

Staff member: [email protected]

The client provided their bank account statements which identified transaction details for the subject website, wizecaps.com. Analysing the bank transactions details identified the money was transferred into different companies that were not associated with wizecaps.com or wizecapital.com. The business Bitcoinexo.io was identified as one company that received the client’s money.

The operation is allegedly run by the company Bright Solutions Ltd, with an office address of GTC 19 Avenue, 38-40 Vladimira Popovica Street, 11070, Belgrade, Serbia. This address was identified as a virtual office and the scammers are not actually at this address.

Visits to the website wizecapital.com identified the website as currently inactive. Searches were conducted of archived versions of wizecaps.com which identified the website, wizecapital.com. The Wize Capital logo that was identified from the archived websites is identical to the Wize Caps logo displayed on the wizecaps.com website. This proves that Wize Caps and Wize Capital are the same website and the same entity.

Investigation of the website, wizecapital.com identified a report published by the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority. The report stated that Wize Capital was not authorised by the United Kingdom to provide financial services or products. This information confirms that the operators of Wize Caps and Wize Capital are fraudulent. We identified the trademark Wize Capital as being owned by the company Global Solutions Ltd. The address associated with the Wize Capital business was identified as Milutina Milankovica Blvd 9ž, 11070, Belgrade, Serbia.

From our investigation, several other associated companies, websites and individuals were identified as part of this global syndicate.

Do you have inside information about this operation? If yes, leak to us via our encrypted email address: [email protected]. As a whistle-blower, you can help us to help the victims and bring this (and other) organisation/s down.

If you have been the victim of Wize Caps or Wize Capital, contact Cybertrace for a confidential conversation with our staff. Please submit out client questionnaire by clicking here.


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