Have you been scammed by CPL One or Ads Supply


Cybertrace recently reported the fraudulent (scam) activity of website click2sell.co which scammed millions of dollars around the globe. The main countries targeted were Australia, the United Kingdom, and the USA. The scam operation has now closed, and the offenders took off without repaying their investors.

Click2Sell scammers claimed they allowed people to make a profit by running marketing campaigns and advised victims that they did not need any marketing experience to be successful. The Click2Sell operators coaxed victims into signing a contract which basically waived their rights away. However, as criminal law holds precedence over civil law, the contracts are void meaning that criminal investigation is still possible.

From our investigations of the Click2Sell operations, we confirmed the call centres are not located in the UK as stated by the scammers. The masterminds are located in various countries around the world.

Click2Sell has previously been linked to BannerBit and ClicksDealer and Cybertrace holds evidence proving that Click2Sell have now rebranded again as ads-supply.com and cplone.com

Should you be contacted by Ads Supply or CPL One, do not engage with them as they are the same scam operators as the Click2Sell. No doubt they will impress you by their complex and professional approach, but don’t be fooled.

For more information, please refer to our article on Click2Sell published in June 2020. If you have been scammed by any of these websites, contact us for an obligation free quote for investigating your matter in the interest of assets recovery.


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