Have you been scammed by CPL One or Ads Supply


Cybertrace recently reported the fraudulent (scam) activity of website click2sell.co which scammed millions of dollars around the globe. The main countries targeted were Australia, the United Kingdom, and the USA. The scam operation has now closed, and the offenders took off without repaying their investors.

Click2Sell scammers claimed they allowed people to make a profit by running marketing campaigns and advised victims that they did not need any marketing experience to be successful. The Click2Sell operators coaxed victims into signing a contract which basically waived their rights away. However, as criminal law holds precedence over civil law, the contracts are void meaning that criminal investigation is still possible.

From our investigations of the Click2Sell operations, we confirmed the call centres are not located in the UK as stated by the scammers. The masterminds are located in various countries around the world.

Click2Sell has previously been linked to BannerBit and ClicksDealer and Cybertrace holds evidence proving that Click2Sell have now rebranded again as ads-supply.com and cplone.com

Should you be contacted by Ads Supply or CPL One, do not engage with them as they are the same scam operators as the Click2Sell. No doubt they will impress you by their complex and professional approach, but don’t be fooled.

For more information, please refer to our article on Click2Sell published in June 2020. If you have been scammed by any of these websites, contact us for an obligation free quote for investigating your matter in the interest of assets recovery.

22 thoughts on “Have you been scammed by CPL One or Ads Supply”

  1. Yes Ads-Supply.com, is same criminals who stole from thousands of people, who invested into clicks2s.com, or C2S.com


  2. Yup! They asked me to invest 7k on my first phone call! Very convincing but thankfully my brother did some investigating and I didn’t lose more than the $200 USD to sign up.

  3. CPLOne has scammed me out of $2700, I feel so foolish but they seemed so legit. Didn’t I’ll ever get that money back

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  5. CPL one scammed me recently as well! Luckily they only got $200USD sign up fee. On my first call with them they pressured me into spending my entire savings – $3000 on this. Luckily I didn’t go through with it – red flag was that they were extremely insistent on spending as much as possible. Were very convincing, don’t be fooled! Their website looks quite legitimate too. And lady I spoke too was very convincing, telling me stories of other Aussies who have allegedly invested and been super successful. When I asked where she was from, she hesitated then said UK, so probably a lie and probably operate from many locations. And they always call from a private number – dodgy. Beware!

  6. Jacqueline Rawlins

    Ads- Supply, sadly I was gullible enough to give them close to $30 000 over the past two months. It all looked so legit and the “Accounts” managers were South African and that’s where I was from so I trusted them. The calls did come from the UK as it showed the + 44 and the same number was used several times. I read up as much as I could but it was all fake it seems, only now have I found articles saying its a scam. Wish I had done more research. You hear of people getting caught and think – that will never happen to me! If it sounds too good to be true then it is. Why didn’t I listen to that voice in my head.

      1. I to was filled into believing they would help me generate money online I handed over $17K AU. US $10500 they talks good game and I am still speaking to them weekly, they claim my portfolio will be estimated at $98k US at the end of the month, I see the returns rolling into their web site but haven’t had any cold hard cash come back to me yet. They keep saying it has to go through the accounts manager etc and making excuses. I’m over it and just want my money back. is there any way of doing this?

      2. Jacqueline Ann Rawlins

        Thank you I have completed the questionnaire via the link you sent me.
        Kind regards

        1. Have you received a reply from Dan or is this the beginning of another scam for paid services? Just being cautious now!

        2. Same here. AUD$17K lost to Adssupply. Kids told us it was a scam. Didn’t listen to them. Many broken promises of return after 1 month, 6 months and unpleasant interchanges when asked to invest more on Black Friday click frenzy coming up this month and other previous ‘once off’ opportunities which we thankfully declined. We really began to think it was legit after speaking weekly and the website is very impressive. Have to give it to them. They really do work hard to take your money!

          1. dan.halpin@cybertrace.com.au

            Hi there, we are sorry to hear you’ve also fallen victim to this scam and you’re not wrong, these guys are professional scammers.

        3. I have an ads-supply account too. Have put in $7,000 AUD. I am totally devastated. I’m a pensioner who cannot afford that loss. I was looking forward to a Xmas bonus. I cannot believe it. How can they still have the website operating. What do I do now?. Tom.

          1. dan.halpin@cybertrace.com.au

            Hi Thomas, Sorry to hear you’ve fallen victim to an online scam. You are welcome to email us at info@cybertrace.com.au if you’re interested in having the scam investigated. Thanks, the Cybertrace team.

        4. I have been dealing with ADS Supply for 3 months and still dealing with them, i have invested about 370000 Aus dollars,its hard to believe it is a scam that means i have lost all of my Superannuation can i recover my money.
          Every Monday i receive a call from a Jordon Grey from ADS Supply 442031500619 and then from the Account Manager Barry 442031500359

          1. dan.halpin@cybertrace.com.au

            Hi Michael, We are sorry to hear that you have fallen victim to this scam. We will be in touch with you soon.

        5. I have been scammed by ads supply too but not as much as some of these other people , about $1000 AUD and believed it was legitimate. I have been trying to make a withdrawal and keep getting ignored by them so now reading everything here I see why. If I ever get the chance to track these people down myself they will find out the meaning of being stolen from . Social media also is a good place to help expose these scams and the people running them so when they show their face anywhere in public , people will know who they are. They will get what is truly coming to them.

        6. Michael Mitchell

          Thank you. We are still being contacted by them. Now threatening legal action if I do joy remove our accurate and honest post.

          What can be done to protect and stop these people.

        7. I’m reading all these comments and feeling sick to the stomach. I have invested $40,000 in ads supply as they sounded so legit. I’ve been receiving weekly phone calls from Jordan grey also and dealing with account manages James and David . It’s been over 6 months since I began investing with them and have only received $5,000 back. Are you able to help in any way. .

          1. dan.halpin@cybertrace.com.au

            Hi Patricia, We are sorry to hear you have fallen victim to Ads Supply. One of our team members will send you an email. Thanks.

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