Cyberbullying, Trolls and Anonymous Social Media Harassment

Is blocking trolls and bullies enough?

Online harassment and cyberbullying through anonymous social media profiles can have a serious effect on an individual’s life. While it’s often suggested that victims should simply block the account, ongoing harassment that touches on sensitive topics can really impact on someone’s wellbeing. Often, online bullies create new accounts so frequently that blocking their accounts doesn’t actually help much.

Unfortunately, it can be all too easy for someone to hide behind fake Facebook profiles, Instagram accounts and other social media profiles. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to reveal the identity of trolls.

How can Cybertrace help?

Cybertrace specialises in conducting cyber investigations to reveal the identity of the person operating the anonymous account. We have years of experience dealing with cyber bullies who use anonymous or fake social media profiles. Over the years, we have developed specialised tactics and tools to investigate anonymous profiles. We are constantly developing new techniques and tools to reveal the identity of trolls and bullies.

Cybertrace is frequently contacted to conduct investigations for the following types of online abuse:

Harassment: a person may constantly post offensive, cruel or insulting messages about you or send them directly to you. When children are involved, this is usually called cyber-bullying.

Cyberstalking: a person may persistently send unwanted and intimidating messages that make you fear for your physical well-being.

Impersonation: a person may create a profile using your personal details and photographs to send malicious messages or post information that damages your business, reputation or relationships.

Grooming: a paedophile may attempt to befriend your child online with the intention of having sexual conversations or requesting sexually explicit photos or videos. Often the paedophile will use any images sent to blackmail your child further.

What about the police?

In many cases these behaviours are criminal. Unfortunately, in Australia law enforcement often doesn’t have the time or resources to identify the individuals behind these anonymous profiles. However, Cybertrace has a strong track record of investigating online bullying and harassment. The information we provide is often sent on to the relevant authorities to follow up.

If you’ve been the victim of cyberbullying or online harassment, please contact us to discuss your options.

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