Studies have shown that 1 in 4 Australians are affected by cyber bullying to some extent, so if you are being bullied, you are NOT alone! Our team of Private Investigators and Intelligence Analysts are Australia based and are committed combating cyber bullies

Social Media Trolls

Cybertrace Australia are Private Investigators who are leaders in the field of digital investigations. We investigate social media accounts daily and possess advanced social media investigation capabilities. We'll leave no stone unturned in our quest to unmask social media bullies and trolls


Defamation is not only a personal issue, it can affect business and family relationship. We take online defamation seriously and will assist you in identifying the offender, collecting court admissible evidence and applying disruptive techniques to stop the defamation in it's tracks.

Why Cybertrace?

Industry experts

As new technologies and communication platforms evolve, they in turn become icreasingly central to our daily lives. We have seen that digital platforms, including social network technologies, are closely linked to social aggression. Australian is not alone in fighting this form of bullying. Social networking technologies have facilitiated opportunities for bullies to extend their reach within our homes, workplaces, schools and social circles. Cyberbullying in turn has placed considerable pressures on communities, families and schools to remain informed and vigilant to this rapdily growing issue. Studies indicate that up to one in four Australian children report being cyberbullied with the impact often hidden from parents, carers, teachers and the broader community. The difficulty for parents lies in the ability of children to comunicate globally in the silence of their own bedrooms through social media, online gaming and related apps. This silent action can make it increasingly difficult for parents to monitor and prevent the risk of cyberbullying in the home. 
As with children, cyberbullying of adults can be a devistating for the victims who often feel alone and powerless. Cyber trolls take bully activity to the next level by finding enjoyment in trolling celebrities, influential individuals and random members of our communities. Whether you are facing cyberbulling, cyber trolls or online defamation, our team of experts can assist you unmask the offenders and place the power back into your hand. Contact our team to discuss your case.
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