Background Check Investigation

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What are background check investigations?

A background check investigation carefully reviews someone’s criminal, commercial, financial, and personal history for employment, business, or personal purposes. It allows a company or person to validate someone else’s information and verify they are who they claim to be. Background checks are increasingly common in employment settings, particularly where access to money, sensitive information and/or vulnerable populations are concerned. However, they have much broader applicability: from evaluating investment opportunities, future business partners or merger/acquisition targets to vetting loan applicants, prospective tenants, babysitters and carers, and even potential romantic partners.

Why do a background check investigation?

Built over time, trust is an essential ingredient in healthy personal, employment and business relationships. However, without the basis of a pre-existing relationship or personal connection, it can be hard to evaluate someone’s trustworthiness. This is especially true when so many of our interactions are now mediated by technology. How do you know you can trust someone, especially where your money, your family or significant life decisions are involved? You might have a hunch that something doesn’t feel quite right about someone you are having dealings with. Alternatively, you might not have any suspicions, but just want surety and peace of mind. Whatever your motivation, Cybertrace will provide you with a premium intelligence product.

How does Cybertrace differ from other background check investigation providers?

Many discount providers offer background checks that are no more than automated information dumps from a range of online databases. While it is great to have lots of information, Cybertrace stands out from others by offering a premium intelligence product. Our experienced analysts add significant value to any information by applying their investigative skillset and analytical expertise. As a result, we provide more depth and breadth than our competitors to give you the most complete picture possible. Importantly, this protects you, your family, your company, and your finances from unnecessary risk.

A recent example illustrates this well. When a private equity firm was considering loaning money to their client, it needed a thorough financial risk intelligence assessment. Due to Cybertrace’s unrivalled expertise and track record, the company hired us to conduct a comprehensive background check investigation. At first, all the available information on the loan applicant came back positive. It wasn’t until Cybertrace analysts closely examined the client’s associates that a murkier picture started to emerge. In the end, it became clear that their client sought to secure a loan on behalf of a convicted criminal! Cybertrace’s meticulous intelligence work thus saved the private equity firm from significant financial and legal risk. An automated discount background check would have never picked this up!

What premium background check investigation services does Cybertrace offer?

Cybertrace offers a range of premium background check investigation services and related intelligence products. What is appropriate to each client depends on their unique situation as well as the legal context. For example, full criminal background checks can only be carried out with the subject’s consent. This might happen as part of the hiring process for new employees, for instance. However, even without the subject’s consent, a premium background check investigation can still present a comprehensive picture of someone’s identity. This might include:

  • a detailed criminal and civil court appearance history;
  • information on any bankruptcies, property ownership, tenancy, self-managed superannuation funds, business or company registration;
  • past addresses, utility providers and people the subject resided with;
  • any domains or websites hosted by the subject;
  • evidence of online gambling (within certain limitations);
  • the subject’s social media history as well as any relevant associations with others;
  • any appearances in news media;
  • for corporate clients undertaking executive due diligence, Cybertrace can also provide information on the subject being a politically exposed person (PEP), affected by any international sanctions or exclusions, or potentially implicated in money-laundering or tax evasion schemes.


What do I need to do?

You might want peace of mind regarding the bona fides of a potential romantic partner you met online; a prospective tenant for your property; a new babysitter or carer for your family; a loan applicant or someone who presents an investment opportunity; or a future business partner or merger/acquisition target. Whatever your focus or reason for wanting a background check investigation, contact the internationally recognised experts at Cybertrace today. We will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed and safe decision.


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