About US

With our Head Office in Sydney, Australia, we have permanent operations in Australia and Europe. Both our Sydney, Australia and the Hague, Netherlands offices are financial crime consultancies.



Our Executive come from various professional backgrounds including Australian State and Federal governments, Academia and Business Development



Professionalism is not something that can be learnt, it is a determination to maintain the highest standards and provide superior service



Integrity is one of our core values and drives our daily business decisions. We insist on the same qualities from our staff, consultants and contractors.

Our Representatives

dan halpin investigator cybertrace europe netherlands

Chief Executive Officer
Dan Halpin

Professor Alana Maurushat Cybertrace Cyber-FraudExecutive

Special Advisor
Prof. Alana Maurushat

maxime investigator cybertrace europe netherlands

Europe Coordinator
Maxime Matheis

The Cybertrace Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder, Dan Halpin leads our operations in both Europe and Australia. During 2022, he will be based in the Netherlands developing the Cybertrace Europe capability under the banner of Dutch company, Cybertrace B.V (Company number 863431070). We are licensed by the Netherlands Department of Justice with license number: POB 7084.

The Cybertrace team of consultants are subject matter experts who come from a range of cultural, personal and professional backgrounds. Our Consultants come from the following professional backgrounds; 

  • Academic Research, 
  • Investigators, 
  • Intelligence Officers and Analysts, 
  • Cyber Security Practioners, 
  • Cyber Forensic Analysts
  • Psychologist.

Dan Halpin (CEO) 

Dan was employed in the investigation & intelligence industries for the past 20 years and holds formal qualifications in policing, investigations, intelligence, security operations and security risk management. Dan is globally known as a pioneer in the investigation of cryptocurrency fraud.

He was formerly employed by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), New South Wales (NSW) Police Force, Queensland Police Service and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Department of Justice & Community Service. Dan was seconded to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and NSW Crime Commission during his employment as a NSW Police, Counter Terrorism Intelligence Officer. During this time Dan, provided intelligence and prosecution support to the Operation Pendennis Terrorism trial in Sydney during 2007-2009. Further, Dan was a Consultant Advisor to the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet during 2016-2017; focused on breaches of the Australian Public Service (APS), Code of Conduct.

Dr. Alana Maurushat 

Alana is a Professor of Cybersecurity and Behaviour at Western Sydney University (WSU) where she holds a joint position in the School of Computer, Data and Mathematical Sciences and in the School of Social Sciences, and is Key Researcher with the CRC Smart Satellites. She is currently researching on Payment Diversion Fraud and Ransomware, Tracking Money-Laundering through Bitcoin Blenders, distributed extreme edge computing for micro-clustered satellites, and Ethical Hacking.

She lectures and researches in Cybersecurity, Privacy and Security by Design, Cyber Risk Management, and Artificial Intelligence across the disciplines of law, criminology, business, political science and information communications technology.

Alana is the Cyber-Ambassador for the NSW Cybersecurity NetworkAlana has undertaken consultancy work on cyber security, open data, big data, technology and civil liberties for both the Australian and Canadian governments, industry and NGOs. She has done media with 60 Minutes, the New York Times, Insight, ABC, and 730 Report, and is the author of many books and articles.


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